Facebook Business Manager and its Advantages

With the digitalization of life, Facebook is one of the most preferred channels by advertisers. So, what kind of opportunities does Facebook offer to advertisers?

Facebook, which developed the Business Manager panel in order to offer a more professional environment to advertisers, provides all marketing opportunities through this panel. This panel, called Facebook Business Manager, allows all marketing activities to be developed both within the business and integrated with external partners.

When you join Business Manager, your colleagues will not be able to see your personal profiles unless you approve your friend requests. Your colleagues can only see the name you used when you first logged into Business Manager, your work email address, the pages you accessed, and the lists of your ad accounts. Moreover, every company, whether small-scale or large-scale, can easily use the application.

What are the Advantages of Business Manager?

First of all, it is possible to access all advertising statistics much faster and in more detail in Business Manager. Moreover, you can manage employees for your advertising campaigns and give instructions through the system. Being able to instantly see all your pages and analyze their analysis means a great time saving.

Being able to view data without a time limit also makes it easier to see and compare historical statistics. You can easily review your Facebook advertising accounts, payments, projects, products and target audiences through the system.

Moreover, it is possible to receive advertising services via the same area by integrating advertising campaigns run through Instagram accounts into this panel. With all this, you can start using Business Manager in your businesses as it will become much easier to grow your business and keep it secure.

Considering that Business Manager is integrated with Facebook, you can see one of the biggest advantages of using this panel; Because users use their real identities on Facebook, your business can safely reach customers using these demographics. For example, a game company can reach its customers who frequently make in-app purchases, or a cosmetics company can reach more customers by reaching female users. This way, you can reach the right people and avoid a situation such as using your advertising revenue randomly.

How to Create a Business Manager Account?

An account is created in the Business Manager panel as follows;

  • Step 1: Go to business.facebok.com.
  • Step 2: Click Create Account.

Step 3: After entering your business name, enter your name and business email address. What should be noted at this point: Do not enter your personal e-mail address to avoid confusion with your personal account.

Step 4: Enter your business details such as Country, Street Address.

Step 5: Your Business Account has been Created.

After following the steps above, your Business Manager account will be activated. What you need to do after this stage is to customize your account. You can add pages related to your business, advertising accounts, and who you can give access to your Business Manager panel to your account.

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