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In the statement made by Facebook, it was announced that in-stream ads were implemented in Turkey. With this feature, video content publishers and producers in Turkey now have the opportunity to earn money by adding short advertisements before, during or after publishing video content on the platform.

Able to Place Advertisements in Videos

Video content producers and publishers will use Content Studio to activate ads, and from there they will be able to activate ads by placing them on specific videos or all videos.

“Facebook Videos Will Give Manufacturers the Opportunity to Generate Revenue”

Facebook Media Partnerships Manager Eren Sağır said that especially during the pandemic period, many people were able to connect and experience the feeling of community through videos on Facebook. Underlining that the videos on Facebook are the most popular content, Sağır emphasized that producers, reporters, professional broadcasters, sports clubs, content producers and millions of users who are world-famous for their series come to Facebook to share their most interesting videos. Sağır added that he is excited because they will provide a new income opportunity for video content producers in Turkey with the video revenue distribution program.

To check in-stream ads eligibility criteria and use Creator Studio About Facebook Broadcast Ads You can get information from the section and check out our website to get information about the advertising industry and digital ads.

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