Instagram Announces New Feature

It was announced that Instagram, one of the popular social media applications, is testing the like hiding feature. With this feature, users will be able to hide the number of likes on their posts. This feature, which users have been waiting for a long time, is currently in the testing phase.

Facebook Announces New Feature

Announcing the development, a Facebook official stated that Instagram has launched a small global test that aims to hide the number of likes on users' own posts or other users' posts. The same official underlined that in 2019, a group of people started hiding the number of likes to understand whether it reduced the pressure when posting to Instagram, and said, “Some people found this useful, but some still wanted to see the number of likes that were popular.” he said.

It was also announced that a study was carried out to encourage Facebook to demand more control over how users interact with content on the platform. The company had previously applied this test to shipments in Australia.

Like Hiding Feature Was Tried in Small Groups

Instagram received a big reaction last month when it accidentally hidden the likes of many users. While this was seen as an important step for the mental health of some users, others stated that this situation was a disaster for those who partnered with brands.

However, users in the test will still be able to see their own like counts. The like hiding test includes a small portion of global users. However, it is unknown which users this situation involves.

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15-04-2021 21:42:34

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