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Instagram is one of the social media applications with the largest user base. Instagram, which has many users aged 16 and under, will define these accounts as “secret accounts” in order to protect these users from cyberbullying and various attacks. In this way, only followers they approve will be able to follow these accounts, like posts and comment. Sahne Media editors have prepared it for you.

Many studies conducted to date show us that; Only one in every five accounts that Instagram defines as a private account is later made public by the user.

Users who are 16 years of age or younger and whose accounts have been made private will receive a warning message when they want to make their accounts public of their own volition. The content of the message will include the benefits of staying in a private account.

It was also announced by Facebook, the owner of Instagram, that new protective practices will be encouraged for Instagram users under the age of 13. Facebook executives said: “They are all online now and there is no solid method to prevent these young people from looking older. That's why we want to develop features specifically designed for them. Thanks to these features, the Instagram experiences of these young people can be kept under control by their families and guardians.”

In addition to all these, a new artificial intelligence system is also under development to detect users under a certain age and delete illegal accounts.

The Online Safety Law, which is expected to come into force soon, puts the responsibility on technology giant platforms to provide the necessary tools to prevent children from accessing harmful content. Even though Instagram strives for this, it is the target of heavy criticism from many groups working on children's rights, on the grounds that it is not successful enough in blocking harmful content.

However, Instagram has developed a series of precautions to protect children. In March, the application prevented users over the age of 16 from sending direct messages to those under the age of 16. Adult users can only send messages to people who follow them under the age of 16.

However, the system has a big gap. That's because it works by believing the age that users say when opening an account. In other words, there is nothing preventing child users who want to avoid restrictions from providing false information about their age.

Let's see if it will be possible to prevent cyberbullying and ensure personal security. Sahne Media to be informed about what is happening in areas such as Technology, E-Commerce, Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing. blog page Don't forget to follow. With Stage Media, the future is yours, the stage is yours…

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02-08-2021 09:12:47

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