Shopping via DM has started on Instagram: Beware of Fake Accounts!

Instagram will launch the shopping era via DM. Instagram, which some users also use for shopping, had previously introduced the Instagram Shop feature. However, without a business account, he was selling via direct message. Instagram will now offer this system to its users as its own feature. Users will be able to pay via DM without leaving the application. Thus, Instagram e-commerce behavior is expected to grow even more. However, when using Instagram for shopping, you need to be careful about fake business accounts. Sahne Media, which serves producers with Instagram ads, has compiled it for you…

Here are some tips to avoid being scammed while shopping…

Things to Consider When Shopping on Instagram

To avoid being scammed while shopping on Instagram, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • The account from which you will shop must have a business profile.
  • When shopping, you should pay attention to the product link and who the link comes from.
  • Sharing the image used in the account to be purchased with a proper content that fits the concept shows that it is safe.
  • Customer satisfaction messages may be fake and should not be trusted.

  • It is necessary to look at the ratio of the number of followers, likes and comments of the business account from which the purchase will be made. Inconsistency in rates or closed comments may indicate a security problem.

Beware of Fake Social Media Ads

Fake social media ads are one of the most used fraud methods. With the letter tricks used in these advertisements, they can be shown to the users as if they were the original account. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about what is shared from the account. In addition, bank and credit card information should not be shared from a social media account, even if it is a family member or relative, because even if the messages are deleted, conversations can be reloaded with some applications.

Stage Media

Stage Media

06-08-2022 11:15:14

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