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Popular instant messaging application WhatsApp announced that the issue of not being able to transfer conversation history from iOS to Android, which users have been complaining about for a long time, has been resolved. Thanks to this innovation, which covers not only correspondence but also voice messages, videos and photos, users who change phones will be able to transfer their entire conversation history from iOS to Android. The details of the news prepared for you by the editors of Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in areas such as SEO, E-Commerce, Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Google Ads and Social Media ads, are as follows…

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application with 1.6 billion users worldwide, announced a new feature for its users who change their phones. WhatsApp announced that conversation history can now be moved from iOS devices to Android devices.

Here is WhatsApp’s Announcement

“Your WhatsApp messages belong entirely to you. That’s why we protect your personal WhatsApp correspondence with end-to-end encryption and develop various methods to make your messages disappear automatically.

One of the most appreciated features we offer is that you can carry your chat history when changing phones. We are working closely with device manufacturers to make this feature available on different operating systems.

We are very excited to offer our users the ability to move your WhatsApp history from iOS to Android.

This feature, which covers not only correspondence but also video, photo and voice messages, will occur without your messages being sent to WhatsApp. This innovation, which is initially offered only to Samsung devices with Android 10 or higher operating system, will soon be available for more Android devices.

When you set up a new device, you will have the option to securely transfer your chat history from the old device to the new one. For this process, it will be sufficient to have a USB-C – Lightning cable.

And this is just the beginning. “We look forward to implementing this innovation as soon as possible, which will allow more people to switch between their preferred platforms and safely take their chat history with them.”

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06-09-2021 11:29:24

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