Facebook Suspends Instagram Kids

Social media giant Facebook was developing a new version of Instagram for children, especially because it could not ensure the safety of child users within the Instagram application. However, it faced intense reaction from the people of the digital world. Many people thought that it would not be a suitable environment for children, and that there was no need for such a thing. Thereupon, Facebook announced that it had temporarily suspended the Instagram version developed for children under 13. The editors of Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in social media ads and SEO, have prepared it for you.

Developers of Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world, are constantly innovating with the influence of their recent competition with TikTok. Struggling relentlessly to retain both users and content creators, Instagram had begun to develop Instagram Kids for child users under the age of 13. However, Instagram Kids, which was met with concern and reaction, has now been suspended.

Instagram Kids Expected to Return

Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri, who has been frequently mentioned in recent months, recently published a blog post and explained why they suspended Instagram Kids. Mosseri said app developers will give some time during this process to work with politicians, families and experts and listen to their suggestions and concerns. There are some rumors that a news report from The Wall Street Journal, one of the important publications in America, was effective in this suspension process. The news mentioned that the use of Facebook’s Instagram application by some young girls caused mental problems, health problems and even anxiety. Let’s see how the reactions will take shape and will Instagram Kids come into our lives?

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28-09-2021 16:09:25

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