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Sahne Medya is your most reliable solution partner in web design, social media management, SEO consultancy and social media advertisements, and continues to be your eyes and ears in the digital world. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, one of the most popular messaging applications, made a move that attracted great reaction from its users in Turkey. This move, which was expected to require the sharing of personal data, received great reaction from users. The intensity of the reaction was such that WhatsApp had to postpone this decision several times, and the expected good news finally came.

It was announced by the Competition Authority that the update requiring the sharing of personal data will not be implemented for any user in Turkey, including users who approve it.

The Competition Authority had taken some initiatives after data theft discussions regarding this new update emerged, and these efforts have finally yielded results. First of all, the Competition Authority initiated an investigation and received a defense from WhatsApp administrators. Then, WhatsApp informed the institution that this new contract would not be implemented for any users in Turkey.

As of January, WhatsApp announced that it would share some information about its users with Facebook and thus generate revenue for the application. However, this initiative was met with protests from WhatsApp users from all over the world, especially our country.

First, WhatsApp asked us to accept it by February 8th and used a threatening language, saying that if we did not accept, our data flow would slow down and then we would be completely prevented from using the application.

This caused many WhatsApp users from all over the world to panic. And people quickly began to install other alternative applications on their phones. Thereupon, WhatsApp took several step-back decisions and decided to postpone the contract. Finally, he gave time until May 15.

WhatsApp Notified the Competition Authority That It Took a Step Back

Following public reactions, the Competition Authority immediately launched an investigation and implemented measures during this period, preventing the new contract from coming into force. Although users continued to use WhatsApp during this period, they did not forget to install alternative messaging applications. At this point today, the struggle of the users and the activities of the Competition Authority have yielded positive results. The new contract will not cover users in Turkey.

The Competition Authority made its decision in light of the information and documents requested from Facebook and WhatsApp officials while the investigation was ongoing. However, WhatsApp announced that it has abandoned this new contract, which it made mandatory, within the borders of Türkiye. He also stated that this contract would be invalid for those who had previously approved the contract.

It is still a matter of curiosity whether this development, which went down in history as a victory for users regarding the privacy of personal information, which has become one of the most important problems today, will set a precedent for other countries.

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22-05-2021 00:20:32

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